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My grandparents waited a long time before my mom and dad came along. Their lives were very difficult, and most of them were long gone before Mom and Dad had me. So the theme of today's blogoff, "My grandmother always said..." strikes me a different way... My only surviving genetic grandparent was very ill when I knew him, and I don't think he spoke English at the time.

So there were things that Mom did that I thought were a bit strange.

Small Updates


We've been making some small changes around here; I dunno if you noticed.

First there is the Drawing Board. It's something I decided to toy with after seeing it on another blogger's site. Basically it is an accountability group for gettin' stuff done. Everyone's workload is different, so no judgements!

Then there are the Rascal's friends, who we decided to add there on the right hand side for anybody who wants to know about the kind of people we scratch and peck with all the time.

We've also gone into garden arts professionally. So I'm working on how to word that and get it up in the services list. The services list needs an overhaul.

That's about all that we're working "On the business." I better get back to working "In the business," and crash on my AZ house plans. Yay!
I feel like I'm about to step into an old Cher song or Days of Our Lives or something, but today's blogoff seemed like a worthy topic despite my serious lack of said time today. The editors simply asked "What would you change if you could turn back time?"

There are lots of things I can think of that are regrettable in my past, but when I think about going back and changing them I realize that any change I made would alter myself as I am. And I like myself as I am. (Even though I have serious flaws, my mom says everybody has always been totally impressed with me, but she's my mom.) But I would like to have been less sensitive as a young person.

Being a highly sensitive person causes a lot of problems. My family has struggled with this condition as long as I can remember, or so my mom tells me. It has lead to a lot of anguish over such insignificant things that you would probably find it laughable. If I wasn't such a sensitive person I'd laugh too! But anyway, that is the one thing I wish I could go back and change.

I would go back to when I was 6 and sitting on the steps outside my house crying because I "had no friends," or "nobody likes me," and put an arm around my shoulder and say something to make me feel better. No idea what that might sound like... But I was always upset because kids were mean and I cried easily so they found it amusing to pick on me. Of course my mom tried to help, but...

Maybe I'd have to go back farther and somehow change whatever gene controls hyper-sensitivity somehow. Being not a scientist, I'm not sure how that would work. But if that would have made the difference between being timid and normal, I think I'd do it. Now, naturally, things are better. But I could do without such things as "call reluctance," "holiday depression," "post-holiday stress disorder," low self-esteem, and being easily overwhelmed...

I wonder what everybody else would change:
Thanks for reading, and you guys rock!

Garden Resources


We're making a small addition to the Green Rascal Design list of services. Over the weekend we went around our little borough and plastered some fliers on power poles - strategically placed where 1) lots of people pass by or 2) some edible plants would be a nice addition to a yard. Yes, we're on a mission to help people in our neighborhood grow their own food.

Everyone always says they don't have time to garden and it's so much work. Even after we've gone through the calculations to show how worthwhile it is from a financial standpoint to garden, I still get this complaint. So today I'll try and provide some resources...
Happy New Year!

I haven't done a blog off post in a while, but I'm back! I'm really interested in what 2012 has in store. The Green Rascal has seen some good luck in recent weeks. Every time I talk about the work we do here I seem to win a door prize. It's awesome. Even as I write this I'm enjoying one of them. It's a massage pad with heat. I put it on my office chair, and even without the heat portion it's way warmer at my desk! I've also won a floral arrangement and a membership to Philly Barter or Barter Philly, and 1$ on a scratch-off Christmas gift.

So I expect 2012 to be awesome.

Architecture seems to be coming back a little bit. (just as I was about to post my "Missing: Profession of Architecture" flier from Coffee with an Architect) I posted my first Green Rascal flier at a local cafe where I like to meet people. And the universe seems to be smiling at anything Green Rascal related. Everyone loves the business cards. Everyone loves the idea of living greener and growing their own food, etc. Everyone loves the chickens and their eggs. I'm really hoping this keeps going!

My networking group, 422 ARCH, is having its first happy hour of the year at Rock Bottom (Brewery). There's nowhere to go but up! 422 has been doing really well for a little meetup group. We routinely get around 20 people at our events. Some are regulars and some are new. I expect this to continue. We've got lots of fun ideas for places to get together and chillax with building pros.

I haven't been teaching lately, but perhaps there are other ways to pass on knowledge. I have been thinking more and more about this, and perhaps in 2012 I'll put some of that into action!

The garden is doing awesome. We expect large amounts of fruit to harvest this year, assuming the weather is at least survivable. Everything we have planted seems to be doing really really well despite all the wackiness of 2011. We got 50+ pounds of tomatoes when our farmer at the CSA was lamenting how all their tomatoes died. That's just one example. We're thinking that we will save hundreds of dollars on certain foods this year - and well into the future also because we plan on planting even more!

Savings are up. We still haven't felt the need to turn on the oil burner. The oil company backed down and gave us a break on our monthly bill.

The only thing that isn't bright and shiny is the student loan thing. I could really use a break when it comes to the student loans. They are the only thing holding me back at this point.

But with all this other good stuff going on, I have nothing but good vibrations for the new year! Rock on!