Green Rascal Design

That is the title of the next official 422 ARCH event which I have just booked and announced today!

I will be making a flyer for the event soon, which is good because I also have some other graphics stuff to do today - but that's a secret!

Anyway, I'm happy we will be having this event next month because ever since the first Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce Women in Business event I have been interested in helping more women out! At that event I learned that when women are involved in business, the business does better. Women offer a lot of interpersonal strengths to business dealings and have insights based on body language, etc. that men don't always pick up on. So if women are empowered to offer these talents up, everybody wins.

The two other organizers of the 422 ARCH events being women, as soon as I saw an opportunity to have an "empowering women" event I jumped at it. I received a newsletter from Dolores from Coaching for Life Today in which she advertised a new seminar about empowering women in business. She is offering this seminar at no charge for a limited time. Soon this seminar will become a webinar available on Dolores's website *I believe.* So I'm very happy to have convinced Dolores to drive an hour out to King of Prussia to talk with us. (it wasn't difficult)

This is among MANY other events which I have gone to in the last week, or will be going to in the next few weeks. Woohoo!



I forgot to share the flier when we created it, but here it is!

Have a good couple of days. I'll see you when the hangover wears off.
I have taken time for granted! Just this morning I was thinking, Geez! There is WAY too much stuff to do! I haven't posted a blog in forever, and have been meaning to participate in the blogoff much earlier today.

Business has been very busy. I have a house plan I'm working on slowly. There have been several lunches, etc. I still need to send follow-up messages to thank all the people I've had lunch with, etc. Really, I do plan on sending out thank you messages! Promise!

And I've been working on stuff for a new project somewhat unrelated to my Rascal duties. I'm doing business development for another entrepreneur who has been working in a similar industry for years. It's fun because I studied home automation at Penn, and I find it really interesting. Hopefully it will take off. I will probably post links at some point, however things need to settle down first!

The little chickens are laying eggs now! I know I mentioned it before, but the fluffs are taking up some more time lately because of the heat. I have to furnish them with stockpiles of ice underneath their house in an attempt to keep them somewhat cooler. They seem to want lots of attention, too, and mommy just isn't around much this week.

The garden is awesome, but we're not really getting any blackberries like we hoped. Also, there were some teenagers back there last night really late smashing things up. They didn't really do any damage here, but next door they destroyed some plants and things. It was really upsetting, and I didn't get much sleep after they woke us up at 2:30am. So I lost sleep time too!

And this Thursday is the kickoff for the 422 ARCH. We have been running around like, well you know what, trying to figure out who is coming, how many of them there will be, and how do we collect all this info for next time... It's a madhouse. I'm very much looking forward to Thursday evening when we will finally all just be there hanging out, and can collect biz cards so we know who actually showed... We're already starting to plan the next official event. (there are two unofficial events scheduled in between!) At our August event we hope to have a speaker! It'll be really cool - but this all takes so much time to set up!

So there are so many things going on that I have not had a moment to think about what I have been taking for granted - other than time itself. It seems like only a few months ago I had some time and it was grand. The blog was being updated somewhat regularly and all was well here in Rascal-land. I'm really sorry I haven't been able to read the other blogoff posts yet today, but at this point I think I will have to extend my blogoff into tomorrow.

Time strikes again!

Blue Egg Day


This is it! We got our first blue egg! I believe it is from Clover - our little blue wheaten. It's very small, but so adorable!
first ameracauna egg!
today's eggs

Fruit ROI


I had somebody calculate the total year to date Return on Investment for the strawberries and raspberries. Here is what they came up with:

Strawberries - Initial outlay $23 + $10 for soil amendments and compost: Water = Zero.  Used dehumidifer water or other saved water sources.Income - 1st Year - About 2-4 large bowls of strawberries.  Roughly $20 worth of berries. 2nd Year - 7 litres of jam. 
This is going to be a short discussion about traditions, spurred on by LetsBlogOff. They ask "Of the traditions that were handed down to you, how many of them do you keep? Which ones have you altered and how have you adjusted them to fit your life? Can you see your traditions being passed down to the people who follow you or do you think of them as just some things that you do"

It might seem really depressing, but I can't really think of any traditions that were handed down to me from when I was young. I mean, our traditions included mostly staying home and doing nothing on holidays. Ok, maybe we lit some candles and watched fireworks on tv or something. It was always very low-key for holidays growing up.

In the last couple of years I have been going to very large family events where I seem to always end up crying in a dark room with a headache from the stress of it all.

For a few years we had regular summer vacations up north at a cabin on a lake that mom's friend rented out to us and other friends. Those were good times. If I can do something similar in a few years it would be nice.

Currently I don't feel like we have traditions. They're just some things that we do. Maybe once we're more successful we can tear ourselves away from the chickens and the homestead for periodic short trips. The one thing I think we've been doing well is an annual fall get-together with friends, but that party is so big that I end up not getting to talk to all my friends that much. Go figure!

Although, this blogoff thing is a nice tradition!