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Pumpkin says:


Happy Halloween!

Isn't she just the perfect Halloween birdy? She's orange and black and goofy all over the place. And the hearts are adorable.

Ok, so I'm a little bit early with Halloween wishes, but it's better to be early than late. That's according to mom. This week is going to be busy! And we have a birthday party to go to this weekend. So let's not waste time. Here are more Pumpkin pics.

Fall Harvest


ugly apples
Granny Smiths
Yes, they are ugly, but we are lazy. We never sprayed or shielded these little babies from anything. These are probably the most organic apples I've ever eaten, and I grew up near an apple orchard. Last year we got a few apples, but we had covered them with little nylon stockings and they were prettier than these apples. But it doesn't matter what they look like when they're in pie!
We also have several crookneck squashes growing under,
in and on the butterfly bush...