Green Rascal Design


Plenty to do...


Where do even begin? There are tons of things to do, but not a lot of $$$ attached to the items on the list. I feel like its mostly okay because the projects I'm working on now will help in the future. Of course, that's not going to pay the mortgage in January!

Anywhoo, it's Friday. I built a little shelf for the cat to sit on in the window this morning. And he ignores it. It's just a little bit of wood with some brackets, and carpet is stapled to the whole thing. I think the cat got so freaked out by the stapling procedure that he won't go near the thing for days. sigh! Guess I should not have used the hammer type stapler, haha.

I stopped by a local CSA today. (It's the one on my route home from PhilaU) Now I'm all excited for spring. I can just imagine coming up with a little drawing for their future farm stand out on Henry Ave. They really need one, too. And it's not like it would be difficult to build... Whatever the case is, I hope they stay there for a good long time since they just got started.

And I was looking into the No Impact Project. I think it'd be really great to go and try to be even more of an environmental nut than we currently are. Seriously! I was looking at filling out the application earlier. The only thing I think we'd have a problem with is the transportation. It is very hilly around here, and I couldn't possibly bike my groceries home!

And of course there are more competitions to enter. Seems like I need somebody to go do all my networking for me, because I haven't gotten a single competition started! sad :( If I had any money to pay somebody to do it I would.

Oh, and I had a nice chat with an artist friend about websites the other day. I really hope she gets hers up and running so I can share her work with everyone. She really got the message of what I'm trying to accomplish with this little thing. Thank the Universe! Somebody understands! Although I'm still afraid to show her my painting I did for the living room. For some reason criticism on my architecture is fine, but on my art not so much. I guess its because I'm not really an artist.

When I get a little device to plug my camera's memory card into the new beast computer, I'll put a picture up so everybody can rip my painting to shreds. That'll make me feel better. hahaha.

For the rest of the evening though, we're going to a swanky party. So THERE!



I was reading about murals in London last night and it made me think about my time there and all the fun graffiti I saw. One of my classmates at the time based his whole project on the graffiti. I simply enjoyed it. I learned a lot about graffiti, and what it's like to be a graffiti artist by reading a little book called night haunts I got at the annual Frieze Art Fair. I think I was required to go to the Frieze, but I'm so glad I was because it was really interesting. Okay, it was fun. Interesting is such a lame word, and I know I use it too often. Anyway, the art fair was a lot of fun to go to and explore. The crowds weren't too bad when I went, but I imagine they were much worse at other times. I love art, and hopefully someday I'll be more involved with it.

I glimpsed a blurb about a mural trolley tour here in Philadelphia. I'd really love to go, but for some reason I thought it prohibitive. It was probably the cost or the time. And I rationalize that I could go see the murals anytime I want, which of course is absurd because when do I ever make time to just go look at art. In London that's almost all I did because I had no job and no job hunt to worry about, no clients to go win over, I just had my project for studio to do. My assignment in London, everyone's assignment, was to explore the city and take pictures and videos and write notes about what we see and try to understand it. Oh I wish I could just assign myself that project here at home. Apparently Philadelphia is the world capitol of murals. I'm not sure who made that determination and how factual it actually is, but you can take that up with the Penn alumni association if you want to find out. I do know that the Mural Arts Program in Philly is a big deal. They are very busy designing and painting murals. I tried to get involved with them, but my resolve was limited at the time. Yet another thing to go do "someday." They seem to not need any new helpers at this time. Although, I'm not a big famous artist or anything, so they have no reason to want my help yet.

Not really sure where I was going with all this, but perhaps it's a post best labeled "random" or "observations." I suppose I'm just in an artistic mood. Best be gettin back to work now...