Green Rascal Design

This outline was the basis of my webinar with Ladies Going Green on Vokle yesterday, 4-17-12... and I'm sharing it here because I wanted there to be a text to go with the video. Also, I'm not sure if the audio on the video was working...
Why is it important to improve the indoor environment?
  • Indoor air can often be more polluted than outdoors with things like pollen, mold, dust, dirt and chemical scents and cleaners. Typically air changes don't eliminate these things enough.

  • The things that make up our homes emit gasses from surface finishes like paints and sealants and glues that bond materials and pieces together.

  • We typically spend most of our time indoors, and so we're constantly being exposed to these gasses and microbes.
What can you do now to green your kitchen?

Faucet aerators reduce your water usage immediately for a few dollars
  1. screw on main faucet aerator is $2
  2. spray hose reduces water usage and increases pressure which cleans faster

Water filters provide cleaner, safer drinking water at a fraction of bottled cost
  1. pitcher types are very inexpensive, however try to find a glass one as plastics offgass
  2. 10 stage filters are best, $100 for countertop model or more for under-counter mount

Drain strainers prevent clogs, and associated harsh chemical use
  1. straining the food out of the water that goes down your drain keeps drains clean
  2. that stuff that gets stuck in your drain can attract molds and pollute your air
  3. the food you strain out can be put to good use, which will be covered later

Greener cleaning products and detergents reduce household chemicals
  1. 90% of the cleaning products in your house contain formaldehyde, which causes cancer
  2. products based on natural ingredients such as tea tree oil are just as effective and cheaper