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So it's Friday; let's keep it on the lighter side. The chickens are happy that it's not as hot and humid today. The sun is out, but there is enough breeze to make it comfortable for me. I'm not sure about the chickens. They're covered with feathers. But it's better out today than it was yesterday for sure. They were miserable!

The garden is doing very well. We have 20 or 30 squash growing, and we didn't even plant them! They're volunteer squashes from the compost bin. This fall we really must give the chickens all the squash seeds! We have some that look like butternuts, spaghettis and acorns. And we have one giant squash that's green and stripey which I don't remember having last fall. They are taking over the swiss chard area though. I really hoped the swiss chard would have done better. The kale is enormous. It seems to like leaves being cut off. So we're eating kale much too often. The spinach is a bust for the most part. Tomatoes are starting to produce fruit finally. The peas didn't do much. Our bush beans are doing very well, and the Chinese yard beans are catching up nicely. I'm not sure the status of the pepper plant. All the brambles are doing well now. I thought one of the blackberries was dead, but it popped up a leaf recently. The strawberries stopped producing fruit, but that's okay. The potatoes are flowering, and we need to add more dirt to their box. The rhubarb is hanging in there. Nannyberries are likewise struggling with too much sun. The currants seem to be doing well. And my elfin thyme is okay. I haven't planted the rose vine yet, but it's doing okay in the pot. I should find a place for it this weekend for sure. The figs that I haven't planted yet popped up a couple leaves, so I'm hopeful that they'll make it this time. The cherries are fighting off bugs like there's no tomorrow, as is the little honeycrisp tree. The granny smith tree is going to produce a good bag of apples, and it's just amazing. The kiwis are doing alright. The big ones are growing nicely and the other two are just trying not to die.  I think all the flowers in the front have died. But all in all things are doing fine.


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