Green Rascal Design

On the topic of grass, there is a book out called Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn by Fritz Haeg from Metropolis Books. I tend to keep the edibles in the back yard, though. In the front yard I plan to put a rose that I received from my good friend and mentor, Brian Billings. I'm hoping for more roses. Also I plan to plant thyme in the front yard. I suppose that is edible, but I don't think we'll be eating it. The thyme we picked out stays short. And we named our house Taimu Niyoi, which means "thyme scent" in Japanese. Chris was taking Japanese class when we were thinking about what to name our house. Anyway, in ancient Greece it was a high compliment to say you smelled like thyme because it meant strength among other things. I digress. The point is that I saw this book, and am anxious to look into it further. I saw other books I'd like to read, but I can only read them one at a time.


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