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I read today about the Diana Center designed by Weiss/Manfredi Architects. Immediately I remembered Marion Weiss showing the plans and renderings to us in my last studio at Penn. Marion was one of the best studio professors ever, and I'm so glad I took her class. It's really cool to see her built work after having seen it years ago in, what was it, the detailing phase perhaps. Reading this article brought back so many memories of my teacher Marion ripping pieces off my drawings and models to show what she thought would be helpful. Oh to get back to that mode of working would be lovely. But I suppose I'm 20 years away from my goal of becoming like Marion.

I saw something recently about an exhibition of work by an artist who challenged himself to create something new every day. Of course it isn't a new thing to do, but the interview brought the concept out of the recesses of my memory. Perhaps that's the thing to do. Although I doubt I'd want to do all architecture all the time. Lately I've just been creating meals every day, which I suppose can be included under the creativity heading if I made it up or tweaked it somehow. But mixing that up with other things sounds like a good idea to me. And I wondered: what would Marion Weiss do? I think that would be an entertaining question to pose when faced with a creativity crisis. She always accused us of being in the midst of a crisis. Hey, this is as good a time as any to say WWMWD? copyright: me. lol

So is this the first day of my challenge? I suppose it should be, but I dare say I've been creating things every day (just about) for a while now. Website, blog and so on... But getting serious and really specific about it is really the best way to go about things in this day and age. Heck, you can't even network without being super specific, I just learned on Thursday. Turns out I've been networking all wrong for months! Imagine my chagrin. Not that anybody is paying attention. Maybe I'll get back into jewelry and add that to the list of services. My ring does get oodles of compliments after all. Anyway, with respect to my list of particular preoccupations, I suppose I shall create something every day. Hopefully after some time of doing this it won't seem like so much work! Right now it seems like an impossible challenge. Although, I guess if I really thought about it for some time I could come up with plenty of things I've created lately. Forgetting that task, lets just say "I'm going to create something new every day." Channel that Le Corbusier or Ben Franklin spirit!


06/22/2010 17:01

From what I saw on either side on my trip today, I'd say the farmers of yesteryear lacked any kind of creative architectural instinct. Same farmhouses, same barn styles, same clumps of trees everywhere. Too functional, right?

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