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When I was considering moving to Philadelphia from the Twin Cities in late 2004, I joined a networking site called It wasn't technically a social networking site, but it was a way for me to meet people in Philly who were interested in one thing I am interested in; it worked like a social networking site for me. That is where I met my first non-roommate, non-classmate friends in my new city! PhillyTechno people were very nice to me - a welcome change from TranceAddict! They were real. They shared their music and announced raves. It is where I learned about Hang Free, which I went to and met three very high-quality friends (and their families).  Without that internet forum, I would never have done so many things...

At the same time I was developing relationships with friends from all over the world on WorldDJ. The Chill Zone there has a steady (though declining) post rate by really great djs and electronic music lovers from all over the world. [duh] Most of my good friends on that internet forum are from New York, New Zealand and Australia, living in the UK and China and traveling all over doing music festivals. I met two of my new best friends on WorldDJ and brought them to raves I found out about on PhillyTechno. I talked to one of my WorldDJ friends on the phone and hope to visit her in New York someday. Another of my friends from New Zealand happened to be in London when I was studying abroad, and we got to hang out on a few glorious occasions. These friends encouraged me to grow and learn and become who I am now. Though WorldDJ isn't as big as Facebook, it is very dear to my heart and connects people on a fairly deep level on at least one forum which I wish I could spend more time on.

I like Facebook. It connects me to a lot of people from my past and my current life. My friends from Tai Chi talk to me on Facebook. My families are on facebook. I can share pictures of the fabulous garden and all the work we do on the house as well as my small office projects. I have a page for Green Rascal Design on facebook. Facebook also connected me to Architizer, which is like Facebook for Architects and Architecture companies. These are useful to me. Together with LinkedIn they help me network and keep in touch with interesting people.

Myspace is useful to some. But my experience with it is of a lot of coworkers wasting company time perfecting their Myspace pages. I don't really approve of such things. Plus, bands started to spam me on Myspace. And I got caught up with "friends" who weren't very high-quality people on Myspace. What a waste of energy! Then there was MyDJspace... I only got sucked into that for a short time.

I hear that social networking sites are havens for narcissistic people, and it doesn't really ring true for me. Perhaps many individuals on these sites are so, but I'm not friends with any of them that I know. My experience has been so positive!

This post is part of Lets BlogOff where the subject today is social media and whether it isolates people from each other. I say it does not in most cases, but read the other blogs and have fun deciding for yourself!


09/21/2010 22:55

Excellent point - social media platforms provide a means for connecting that would otherwise be difficult and sometimes awkward. Moving to a new city would be much more lonely if it weren't for the hundreds of peoples on forums and networks just waiting to be found with the click of a mouse. Great post!

09/22/2010 07:19

Interesting post. I never consciously separated "high-quality" friends from the people who just wanted to suck up your time and attention. There is always a bunch of talk about using social media networks as quality business tools, i.e., will this person lead to a close-able sale, introduction, etc but "high quality friend" means so much more. Most of the time, the high quality friends never lead to a sale but to a really cool experience I never would have had without meeting them. Worth so much more. Thanks (I think I'm going to steal the phrase "high quality friend" if that's ok :-) )

BTW, Twin Cities to Dayton, Ohio. I moved for a job. :-(

09/22/2010 12:47

It does shorten distances. :) I don't know what I would do w/o the web, much less w/o SM.

Rufus, that job can't possibly worth it! ;)

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