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Are blogs as important as bloggers think they are? That is the question for today. This new media can be very powerful in ways both good and bad. I choose to focus on the good aspects of blogging, and ignore those who are out to bring people down or sensationalize events that have no real importance in the world.

My own blog may not be important in the vast scheme of things, but it lets me get things out there whereas previously I had no voice besides my small local network of friends and colleagues. This is my outlet for advertising myself to the nonexistent market. It provides a place my new networking contacts can go to find out more about me. I can work out ideas floating around in my head and prepare them for new projects. Most recently, I can work out my lecture notes or ideas and post them for my students to refer back to. This is all very "work in progress," but I believe life is a work in progress. Lets just face it and put ourselves out there to learn and grow.

There are lots of really interesting or educational architecture blogs out there. I enjoy many of them, and I think they are somewhat important. The future of architecture might very well depend on this online community of bloggers/friends getting ideas out there and coming to some kind of consensus on certain things. How else are we going to take back our title from the IT nerds? (by the way I have nothing against nerds! My husband is a systems administrator, and he knows how wrong it is that the title of Architect has been corrupted. now if we could only get the rest of the nerds on board with NOT calling themselves architects...) I enjoy finding out about other architects' practices and how they are dealing with business today.

There are also many blogs I like to refer to for everyday things like cooking and house stuff. I enjoy the FatFree Vegan Kitchen for new recipes. And I also like to read Ana White's Knock-Off Wood blog, which is down under construction right now. And there's the Community Design Collaborative blog. I've been looking for more ways to do community service, so I always like to read what they are up to. And of course I pay a lot of attention to Steve Smolinsky's Conversation on Networking. My hubby likes to read the Gnash blog too. These bloggers help enrich our lives and businesses, and we would miss them terribly if their blogs went away.

So I suppose I have a rosy picture of blogging, but that's just because, like with the social networking discussion a few weeks ago, I stay away from those bloggers who don't actually help me in any way. There are lots of bloggers out there who think they are so awesome and extremely important and everybody in the world should pay attention to what they say. I don't buy that shit, I mean stuff. My blog may not be very important to anybody but me, but that's okay. I'm extremely proud of it, and I wish I could spend more time with it. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my Let's BlogOff post today. I really appreciate it. Check out all the other opinions at Let's!


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