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In case you've ever wondered what a molting chicken looks like, here is Nutmeg.
I attended the first Princeton LEEEP event last night. (I hope I got enough Es.) It was as good as the regular Princeton Regional Chamber business after business events. The only difference was that the average age of the attendees was a bit younger. And there was a lot of pop at the beverage table. Anyway, I got a copy of the schedule they put together for the year, and hopefully I'll have a chance to go to more of their events.

I did a small amount of graphic work this week, and continue to work on drawings for my mentor. I'm very glad that somebody is doing well at the moment!

Yet another Friday is upon me, and where did the time go? Oh yeah, shoveling. weeeee! And I've been reading code books a lot since the new year. Right now I'm engrossed in the International Building Code and Commentary, volume 1.

Oh, and I have a small amount of basil and mint growing on the windowsill in the kitchen, and we have mites all over them. So it's time to go spray neem oil all over and hope for the best. mmm tasty.

That's my super linky post for the week. Have a good weekend.


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