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On Sunday we finally got 4 eggs in one day. I was pretty happy to see them. Now they are accumulating quickly again, and I have to find people to sell them to fast.

I have fed hard-boiled, chopped up, eggs to the chickens and the cat, and I have had egg salad for lunch a few days in a row now, haha.

Most people I talk to are totally confused about the fresh eggs. They think green eggs are somehow bad. I put all the blame on Dr. Seuss! The shells are the only part that is green. All the eggs are the same except for the shell colors.

The shells are different colors according to the breed and genes of the individual chickens. The little off-white egg is a product of a half-Leghorn and half-Rhode Island Red chicken. The leghorns lay big white eggs, and the reds lay light brown eggs, I believe. So Sugar's eggs are off-white. The dark brown egg is from Pepper. She is mostly Cuckoo Marans, and that breed lays extremely dark brown eggs. The green "easter eggs" are from the Araucanas, Cinnamon and Nutmeg. They could have laid any number of colored eggs but their genes make them lay green.

Sometimes the green eggs are brighter than these ones, and that is due to the amount of vegetation in their diet. Right now the birds aren't eating grass every day. When spring gets going we will put the girls out in the mobile fluff unit where they can mow the lawn for part of the day.

Also, people are often unaware that eggs from chickens with lots of space, and lots of vegetation in their diets have lower levels of cholesterol than standard white store-bought eggs from chickens that are kept in tiny cages and fed nothing but corn-feed. Generally speaking, free range eggs are much healthier. Since the birds get lots of exercise and vitamins they are healthier. Our birds have a great life compared to commercial chickens.

Anyway, lesson over for the day. It is time to get back to design! We have lots to draw. There are lots of errands to run. And I have a networking lunch later! Have a good day!


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