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I recently met an activist named Iris Bloom. She is on the cover of the March issue of Grid Philadelphia, and she is "leading the charge against environmentally irresponsible drilling." (story by Jacob Lambert)

After talking to Iris for a minute, my hubby explained what he knew of the fracking thing to me. It's some scary stuff. I remember hearing about it on the news, but never really thought much of it until we met Iris. Then it dawned on me that my hubby drinks tons of tap water, and it would be bad if that water were to become so toxic that you could light it on fire.

So I got an email from Iris with a link to a link to a link where we could leave a comment for the committee who will be deciding our water's fate after March 16th. You see, there is a moratorium against fracking (drilling for natural gas) in the Delaware River Basin right now. They will soon vote on possibly lifting that ban. The Delaware Basin provides water to 15 million people in Philly, Trenton, and New York City and surrounding areas. There should be tons of angry people complaining about this.

Here is a link to the page where you can download the [extremely boring] document describing the issue and other things. That same page has a button you can click to leave a comment on it. The more people leave comments asking the committee to keep the moratorium on natural gas drilling, the better. If you live in the Delaware Valley, I hope you go tell them to protect your water.



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