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Chris with Pumpkin and Clover
Clover's colors
Clover is getting brown gills!
So I had the hubby hold the fluffs for today's pictures because it's just easier.

That's the theme for the week. I need easier! It has been super busy here and with home stuff. We got a new efficient dish washer installed. I got it at Mrs G Appliances just before all the prices went up! (I highly recommend them.) Also, the mini-split heat pump was delivered on Wednesday. I managed to get it to the backside of the house and covered up before heading out to my networking event. We don't have anybody scheduled to install it because the install quotes we got were sky high. But the packaging for the two appliances went into the chicken cage to serve as perches for a while. They're nice little pallet type things, and the birds seem okay with them for now.

I went to the DCN Networking event on Wednesday night, and got to hang out with at least one person (guess which one) I have already met out networking. It was fun, and I may go again if they have more events.

Add to that our CSA orientation meeting last night... We're really excited to be joining the CSA. The Farm manager is really upbeat, and she's the kind of girl you'd just like to hug. She answered a lot of questions. We came home with a couple pieces of paper with info on them such as the types of vegetables we'll be getting and when they will be available. This all starts around the 4th week of May depending on the weather.

I also sent out a check to join the cheese CSA which partners with our CSA. I love cheese. I really love goat cheese. I can't believe I waited so long to make a decision on this. But the other CSA members who had the cheese share last year and were at the meeting last night just raved about the cheese, so I pulled the trigger on that today. mmm, goat cheese...

Nevermind our own garden is more or less flourishing here. Lots of berry bushes have made it into the ground. The asian pear tree was also planted finally. And the hubs is now the plant guru at his workplace too. I think it's pretty funny. But he finds these interesting things about plants and is always dying to share what he's learned. For instance, last night he made me watch a video that looked like an old episode of Grizzly Adams, but was really from 2000 or so, about this guy Sepp Holzer, who has lemon trees growing in the Alps. If you know anything about lemon trees, you know they usually don't grow on mountains. Somehow he makes magic happen. Now we're contemplating going to Austria to visit the Kremeterhoff (not sure about the spelling) sometime.

And I'm all about sharing this stuff too, so now I'm off to find links... weeeeeee.

Happy Friday. Have a good weekend!


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