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This is going to be a short discussion about traditions, spurred on by LetsBlogOff. They ask "Of the traditions that were handed down to you, how many of them do you keep? Which ones have you altered and how have you adjusted them to fit your life? Can you see your traditions being passed down to the people who follow you or do you think of them as just some things that you do"

It might seem really depressing, but I can't really think of any traditions that were handed down to me from when I was young. I mean, our traditions included mostly staying home and doing nothing on holidays. Ok, maybe we lit some candles and watched fireworks on tv or something. It was always very low-key for holidays growing up.

In the last couple of years I have been going to very large family events where I seem to always end up crying in a dark room with a headache from the stress of it all.

For a few years we had regular summer vacations up north at a cabin on a lake that mom's friend rented out to us and other friends. Those were good times. If I can do something similar in a few years it would be nice.

Currently I don't feel like we have traditions. They're just some things that we do. Maybe once we're more successful we can tear ourselves away from the chickens and the homestead for periodic short trips. The one thing I think we've been doing well is an annual fall get-together with friends, but that party is so big that I end up not getting to talk to all my friends that much. Go figure!

Although, this blogoff thing is a nice tradition!


07/05/2011 17:15

Traditions are kind of a funny thing and it seems like we like to make our own. I didn't really take any from my family (if we had any) either.

Ginny Powell
07/05/2011 19:49

I grew up in a tiny family and married into a large one that had tons of traditions. When I divorced I didn't take any of them with me not because of ill feelings but simply because I didn't get a lot of them. A cabin getaway would be a wonderful tradition and one I hope you get to start!

07/05/2011 22:14

One of the things I did treasure about my family was Christmas. It was the one time when everyone was on his best behavior. I lost my father when I was 44, but there were some 18 or 19 Christmases when I was there as an adult, and we two grabbed a big trash bag at the end and cleaned up the mess of wrapping paper. Then, like as not, the Old Man would pour the two of us a brandy that we’d sip along with our coffee for the next couple of hours while we had one of those wonderful, golden discussions on anything and everything under the sun.

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