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Eggs Over Medium


Suddenly the chickens are in full egg production mode. It seems like the little windows we put in their new house were quite appreciated on cold mornings when we've kept them inside until after breakky... and the warm weather has allowed their door to be open much earlier for most of the year so far...

In the last week of January we slowly started accumulating eggs. I think this is about a month ahead of last year! Now on the 10th day of February we have gotten 31 eggs since they started laying on 1-25-12. Our cost per egg is under $1 for the first time in two and a half months, and it seems that soon I'll have to start selling them.

By the way, if you're interested in buying:
Our Eggzy egg stand (Holcombe Fluffs) is here, where you can see how many dozen are available, etc.
Anyway, I'm actually not a big egg-eater usually. I don't like eggs over easy. I'm not a big fan of the well-done version (which I don't know the terminology for). Lately I've been eating eggs over medium. This is a new concept for me. It's like Goldilocks and the three bears. A coworker at my temporary job (if you're on my LinkedIn you might know what this is) last fall introduced me to them.

Most egg recipes are too complicated. If I decide to have eggs, it's out of necessity and I have to get it done fast. Like if I just worked out or was crashing on a project and suddenly realized I forgot lunch. (If you're an architect you know how THAT goes...) So over-medium is great for me. I got used to scrambled and omelettes as a kid, but don't have the patience for them now.

So here's the question; do you have a recipe that rivals the ease of 'eggs over...' and if so will you please share it with me? I need a little variety, but it's gotta be simple, ya get me? Feel free to share with the world in the comments or send an email to

Also, if you're within 50 miles of Conshohocken PA, and would like to buy some eggs, the fluffies would be ever so happy to provide them to you. ;)



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