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I want to talk briefly about meshing radiosity today. A lot of students think, "well why should I do all this work if mental ray does it for me and everything looks okay with that?" Hey, you're right. It is some work, but this is valuable to know so that you can picture what is going on when the computer does all those computations for you. This concept applies to object properties too.
This is what my radiosity mesh looks like with a maximum mesh size of 3'. The resulting rendering is okay, but a little splotchy.

Here is my radiosity mesh with a maximum mesh size of 2'. The resulting rendering is much smoother than previously. You just have to take my word for it.

Here are the main areas where you can tell the difference between the two meshes. The finer mesh is lighter because I have overlaid it on top of the large mesh in photoshop. I just thought this would help you picture the point of meshing.

We will talk more about this later. It is key. And the faculty want to make sure that all the students understand meshing because, after all, this is supposed to be advanced modeling, and meshing is a basic advanced concept. Basic advanced, does that make sense? Ok, enough joking around. See you later.


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