Green Rascal Design

I figured I'd post an update on this project. The image is a combination of 3 different renderings, and I did not do ANY photoshop touch-ups. They are simply different blending modes layered on top of each other with different opacities.

Now this still looks a bit fake. However, I submit to you that this whole thing took me 3 hours. That includes re-importing the updated AutoCAD model to 3ds Max, creating all new materials, setting up about 41 new lights (not all in this one room) and rendering 6 different cameras in 4 different ways each, then combining the 4 images of this camera into the jpg you see. With a lot more time, such as students have, this could look much more realistic.

Everyone in class has a lot going for them. They've spent weeks making their models. They took days tweaking their materials. They agonized over lighting for hours. They pondered rendering settings and advanced lighting modes for only GOD knows how long. Things are looking pretty good. Now is a perfect time to talk about adding some touches in photoshop to make things look much more realistic.

A bunch of the students in this class say they're really good at photoshop. Some others maybe need more help. I haven't really figured out a good starting point for touch up lessons yet, so I won't go on and on here today with anything specific. In class later I want to talk about who knows what, and go over some basic stuff with anybody who needs it. For those with more advanced knowledge, I want to see some proof! Let's get those people inserted!

It's been a nice long weekend, and I hope everyone is refreshed now! See you later.


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